The Navigation Systems, Technologies and Services International Congress and Exhibition Project takes place at Expocentre Fairgrounds on 12 15 May 2009, and includes the 3rd International Satellite Navigation Forum and the NAVITECH-EXPO2009 International Exhibition. The event is co-organized by Expocentre and the Professional Conferences Company, with the support from the Federal Space Agency and the Association of developers, manufacturers and users of equipment and applications based on the global navigation satellite systems GLONASS/GNSS-Forum.

The launch pad for the new project has been provided by Svyaz-Expocomm, the largest exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe for telecommunications facilities, control systems, information technology and communication services. So it is no coincidence that the project runs simultaneously with the 21st edition of Svyaz-Expocomm.

The first Russian exposition devoted to GLONASS was presented within the Sviaz-Expocomm2007 International Exhibition. The Navigation Satellite Systems specialized section was successfully launched at Sviaz-Expocomm2008, and enjoyed support from core ministries, interested in commercializing navigation services soonest possible.

According to Yu.M. Urlichich, Chief Designer of the Global Navigation System GLONASS, Chairman of the Counsel of the Association GLONASS/GNSS-Forum, today satellite navigation technologies much as the Internet are becoming a global means, and are used practically in all fields of human activity. The Russian system GLONASS as one of the two operating global navigation systems attracts increasing attention of potential consumers both in this country and abroad. Today the structure of the GLONASS orbital group provides 100% of navigation service in Russia, and 98% all over the globe. The increasing interest in the GLONASS system is confirmed by the composition and number of delegates to the annual International Satellite Navigation Forum which will take place for the third time. The Forum has really become a main event for the Russian navigation community where the navigation market participants can not only tell about their achievements, share their experience, but also gain new business contacts, which is necessary for successful business development.

Considering the interest in this field from governmental agencies and visitors, as well as the wishes of participants of this rapidly developing sector it was decided to co-locate the Navigation Systems, Technologies and Services Annual Specialized Exhibition, the International Satellite Navigation Forum and NAVITECH-EXPO2009.

The project features solutions by leading Russian and foreign developers and manufacturers of navigation equipment and software, including cartographic applications, and will highlight advantages of using navigation technology and services in various fields of business and economy.

Over 50 companies from Belarus, Canada, China, France, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Taiwan and Ukraine will take part in the exhibition. The list of exhibitors includes M2M TELEMATIKA, RNII KP, ALMAZ-ANTEY Concern, MKB KOMPAS, KB NAVIS, TRANZAS, IZHEVSKII RADIOZAVOD, MIO, NAVTEQ, NOVATEL, TRIMBLE, just to name a few.

The total area of about 700 sqm net accommodates such thematic sections as:

-        Personal Navigation Equipment

-        Cartography and navigation software support

-        Navigation systems

-        Intellectual transport systems (ITS)

-        Motor transport control and monitoring systems (hardware and software)

-        Railway transport control and monitoring systems

-        Transport control and monitoring systems (AVL Equipment)

-        Security and safety systems

-        Logistical systems

-        LBS-services

-        Geodesic equipment

-        OEM modules GPS/GLONASS

-        Radio utility

-        Navigation signal simulators

-        Differential correction systems

-        Inertial satellite systems

-        Professional subject literature

The 3rd International Satellite Navigation Forum is a significant event for the industry specialists. The main goal of the Forum is to inform a wide audience in Russia and abroad about satellite navigation innovations. The Forum will place special emphasis on the Russian GLONASS satellite system and various aspects of its use both nationally and internationally.

The Forum will discuss a wide range of issues relating to the application of navigation services in Russia and all over the globe, namely:

       The current state of the market for satellite and mobile positioning services, and the market development trends;

       Various industrial applications developed by leading Russian and foreign companies;

       Personal, automobile and specific satellite navigation equipment available in the market;

       Legal aspects of the use of satellite navigation systems in Russia;

       Experience of leading foreign companies that successfully use satellite navigation in their business activity;

       Experience of Russian and foreign companies in organizing business activity connected with rendering navigation services to corporate and retail customers.


EXPOCENTREs Press Service