Geodata and navigation technology in digital economy

Transport monitoring systems

  • Traffic control and monitoring systems
  • Monitoring and management systems for high-value and dangerous goods transportation
  • Tachograph control systems
  • Traffic management systems
  • Emergency management systems
  • Emergency notification and response
  • Platon and other electronic fee collection systems
  • Navigation equipment, modules and components
    • Telematic AVL terminals for various types of transportation
    • Sensors and other related equipment
    • OEM modules
    • Radioelectronic components and electronic component units
    • Test monitoring and control apparatus for satellite navigation equipment

ERA-GLONASS+. Products and services

  • ERA-GLONASS telematic equipment
  • Products and services

Connected Car

  • Advanced vehicle safety systems
  • ADAS
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Pedestrian recognition
  • C2C, Connected Cars, V2V, V2P (Vehicle-to-people), V2H (Vehicle-to-home), V2I (Vehicle-to-Internet), V2I (Vehicle2Infrastructure), etc.
  • In-vehicle infotainment
  • Systems of integration with personal mobile devices
  • Internet access systems
  • Traffic information services
  • LBA - Location Based Advertising
  • Aftermarket fitment
  • Dashboard cameras
  • OBD - On-Board Diagnostic
  • Security and antitheft systems
  • Car sharing

Insurance telematics

  • Systems for insurance telematics services
  • Car terminals

IoT in Transport Telematics

Cybersecurity in Transport Telematics

Unmanned transport: systems and solutions

Unmanned aviation systems

Intelligent GIS

Intelligent transport systems

  • Telematic equipment for transport infrastructure and vehicles
  • Traffic safety systems
  • Traffic control centres equipment

Intelligent city mobilityNew

Logistics infrastructure (services)New

High precision satellite navigation: industry solutions

  • Technology and methods for improvement in navigation accuracy
  • High-precision navigation for various industry sectors
    • Geodetics and mapping
    • Land management and cadastral surveying
    • Construction support
    • Deformation monitoring of structures
    • Design of electric power lines, oil/gas pipelines using geoinformation systems and technology
    • Applied scientific research, geological survey and exploration

Personal navigation devices, trackers, applications

  • Navigation apps for mobile devices
  • Positioning and navigation
  • Information about public transport
  • Taxi booking services
  • Audio guides
  • Personal safety systems
  • Navigators for outdoor and sport activities
  • Information services and geotargeting in advertising
  • Health apps and devices
  • Personal trackers
  • Navigation systems and navigators
  • Navigation and Information Services
  • Traveller Assistance

Indoor navigation

  • Employee tracking and alarm systems
  • Systems for shopping centres , public buildings and facilities
  • Mobile apps for visitors (indoor navigation, object search, etc.)
  • Systems of geo targeted advertising and information services for visitors
  • Visitor behavior tracking and analysis tools
  • Object motion tracking
  • 3D modeling of indoor environments

Government initiatives and industry support