Product Sectors

Transport Monitoring Systems

  • Traffic control and monitoring systems
  • Monitoring and management systems for high-value and dangerous goods transportation
  • Tachograph control systems
  • Traffic management systems
  • Emergency management
  • Emergency notification and response
  • Platon and other road traffic electronic fee collection systems
  • Professional navigation equipment, modules and components
    • Telematic AVL terminals for various types of transportation
    • Sensors and other related equipment
    • OEM modules
    • Radioelectronic components and electronic component units
    • Test instrumentation for satellite navigation equipment

ERA-GLONASS. Products and Services

  • ERA-GLONASS telematic equipment
  • Products and services

Connected and Highly Automated Vehicles

  • Advanced vehicle safety systems
  • ADAS
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Pedestrian recognition
  • C2C, Connected Cars, V2V, V2P (Vehicle-to-people), V2H (Vehicle-to-home), V2I (Vehicle-to-Internet), V2I (Vehicle2Infrastructure), etc.
  • In-vehicle infotainment
  • Systems of integration with personal mobile devices
  • Internet access systems
  • Traffic information services
  • LBA- Location Based Advertising
  • ftermarket fitment
  • Dashboard cameras
  • OBD - On-Board Diagnostic
  • Security and antitheft systems
  • Car sharing

IOT in Transport Telematics

Cybersecurity in Transport Telematics

Intelligent Geoinformation Systems and Services

Intelligent Transport Information Systems

  • Telematics equipment for transport infrastructure and vehicles
  • Traffic safety systems
  • Traffic control centers equipping

High-precision Satellite Navigation: Industry Solutions

  • Technology and methods for improvement in navigation accuracy
  • High-precision navigation for various industry sectors
    • Surveying and mapping
    • Land management and inventory
    • Construction support
    • Deformation monitoring of structures
    • Design of electric power lines, oil/gas pipelines using geoinformation systems and technology
    • Applied scientific research, geological survey and exploration

Navigation & Communication Equipment, software and services

  • Navigation and information applications for mobile devices
  • Positioning and navigation
  • Information about public transport
  • Taxi services
  • Audio guides
  • Personal safety systems
  • Tourist navigation equipment
  • Information services and geotargeting in advertising
  • Health monitoring mobile devices
  • Personal trackers
  • Navigation systems and personal navigation devices
  • Navigation information services
  • Traveller Assistance

Indoor Navigation

  • Personnel movement monitoring and security systems
  • Systems for shopping centres and public buildings and facilities
  • Mobile applications for visitors (indoor navigation, object search, etc.)
  • Systems of geo targeted advertising and information services for visitors
  • Systems of visitor behavior analysis
  • Object movement tracking
  • 3D modeling of indoor environments

Global satellite communication system "Sfera"

Telematics service platform Avtodata. Projects and solutions

Transport Telematics Systems

Smart city Mobility

Space Systems for Remote Sensing of the Earth

AutoNet market Advanced services