10th International Navigation Forum

May 11, 2016


Indoor-navigation: Solutions, equipment, services

Satellite Navigation: Space systems, functional supplements, international cooperation

Navigation solutions in motor transport for the state, regions and companies: Systems, equipment, services

Using high-accuracy navigation in different economic sectors: Solutions, equipment, services

Navigation modules

Navigation technologies in transport Ц aviation, fleet, railroad: Solutions, systems, equipment, services

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May 12, 2016

Plenary Session:
New horizons of navigation

  • Developing navigation satellite systems and their functional supplements
  • International cooperation in the field of satellite navigation
  • Market and technology trends of navigation
  • Applying navigation technologies to different economic sectors
  • Import substitution and international cooperation in the field of navigation

Plenary Discussion:
The unmanned revolution: New challenges for navigation

  • How the unmanned transport will change the world around us
  • ‘Movers’ and ‘brakes’ of the unmanned transport development
  • Unmanned transport technology ‘environment’: navigation, communication, geoinformation
  • Business and the state: ‘Marriage of convenience’ for the purpose of developing technology, infrastructure, regulation

Parallel Thematic Sessions:

Smart car': Technologies and services

  • Navigation and information services in Connected Car
  • Smart Insurance
  • Using the ERA-GLONASS system's infrastructure and Platon
  • Developing V2X technologies and unmanned cars

Small UAVs: Remove barriers to use technologies

  • Regulating the use of small UAVs
  • Technical suctions for controlling the use of small UAVs
  • Geoinformation and navigation services for UAV operators

Safety technologies: Me Ц my family Ц my house Ц my car

  • New technology opportunities
  • Safety is simple: Plug & Play
  • ERA-GLONASS for our safety

Passenger and cargo transportations: What new is navigation able to give? †

  • Fleet management and logistics
  • Solutions for the state and business
  • LBA

From point A to point B: New alternatives

  • What will the consumer prefer: Online taxi? Car-sharing? Ride-sharing?
  • Regulation: How to find a balance of interests?
  • How to enhance the trust between a consumer and a service?

Open Session
Pitch session of navigation startups

May 11-13, 2016

The First Open Drone Racing

Information source: http://aerodrone.aero/