More on Gurtam at Navitech 2018: new products and trends in the telematics market

19 / 04 / 2018

Gurtam will bring together partners of the telematics market at Navitech 2018. For the first time integrators and manufacturers of equipment and software will be presented at the group stand to show their latest achievements.

For the tenth time already Gurtam will take part in Navitech 2018, one of the largest trade shows in Russia and neighbouring countries. This year weve chosen a new format: weve decided to bring together major players of our community, i.e., integrators, manufacturers of equipment and software. We would like to create an ecosystem that will provide a comprehensive picture of how we are developing and what direction the market is heading, says Denis Grebennikov, Sales Director at Gurtam in CIS.

Manufacturers of equipment for GPS/GLONASS monitoring will showcase their new products.
Navtelecom will present a new lineup of SMART and SIGNAL. Mielta Technology: small car tracker Mielta M1 and satellite terminal MIELTA M7 for multifunctional and specialized solutions. Quarta Technologies will present a ready solution to control conditions of carriage of thermally dependent freight and remote monitoring of technical conditions of refrigerating machines.
The worlds only truly global mobile satellite communications company Iridium will show a new line Iridium Certus. This equipment is for broadcasting data on location, transfer and state of objects or remote individuals.
Escort will put on display a wireless solution to control consumption of fuel with the possibility to connect sensor to the monitoring unit via Bluetooth.
ATOL Drive will showcase of a unit with increased functional capabilities of the ATOL Drive Smart tachograph.
Galileosky will tell about new opportunities: production of custom-made terminals.
Howen Technologies and Teltonika will also present their solutions.

Integrators will present their developments at the Gurtam stand, as well.
AVANTERN Telematika will demonstrate software solutions for Wialon, federal programme of maintenance and federal programme of full service of leasing projects. The company experts will tell about implementation of technologies for driver behaviour monitoring based on Wialon for vehicle insurance.
NEKTA will present a universal system for gathering and processing of data from metering devices which operate empowered by innovative PaaS solution flespi from Gurtam.
Maxoptra will hold a series of workshops on the development of urban logistics from route planning to analysis of customer satisfaction and on improvement of business efficiency and service quality by using the management system of logistics of urban delivery.

Spetrotec (Israel) will demonstrate telematics solutions for vehicle monitoring and security.

New solutions from Geolead and Global Position as well as from Wialon and flespi from Gurtam.

Gurtam will hold training sessions at Navitech 2018.
On April, 24 the session participants will discuss the operation with the algorithm for calculating fuel consumption and the most effective way to use satellite monitoring in the NimBus public transport.
On April, 26 the Gurtam experts will share experience in sales and ways to attract target audience and promote on the Internet.