Application for emergency unlocking of car doors to be developed on basis of Avtodata platform

25 / 09 / 2020
Application for emergency unlocking of car doors to be developed on basis of Avtodata platform

In 2022, NTI Autonet is set to release a mobile application based on the Avtodata platform for emergency unlocking of car doors, TASS said, citing Autonet spokesman Yaroslav Fedoseyev.

Drivers will be welcome to download the free application. The new application has been developed because of technical failures in car-sharing service and the wish of certain taxi drivers to prevent their passengers from leaving the vehicle. The system will operate on the basis of Russias Avtodata telematic service platform. It is expected to be released by the end of the platform projects Phase 3 in 2022, Fedoseyev said.

A vehicle needs to be equipped with a telematics system in order to use the platform. Currently, the system is available in 20% of vehicles in Russia. Autonet expects the portion to reach 50% by 2025. It will also be necessary to receive the drivers consent to data processing.

The mobile application will use the Glonass global positioning system to automatically detect the users car and will unlock car doors within 2-3 minutes after reporting of the problem. The new services algorithm is being developed.

NT Autonet told the Vestnik Glonass journal that the service will become available in all cities of Russia in 2022 but it wont embrace 100% of the countrys motor pool at once. Emergency unlocking of car doors will be possible only in vehicles connected to the Avtodata platform.

The Avtodata platform is a telematics navigation service platform accumulating statistical and analytical information of wheeled transports, road infrastructure, and other passenger and cargo logistic information. The platform amasses big data about the vehicle, from the moment it is made till the moment it is scrapped, including information about functioning of vehicle systems, the drivers behavior, and interaction with infrastructure. It will also create a digital eco-system supporting traffic of vehicles with various degrees of depreciation on public roads.