Dmitry Medvedev sent a greeting to organisers, participants and guests at the 21st international Sviaz/Expo Comm Moscow 2009 exhibition

12 / 05 / 2009

"Since its inception, Sviaz/Expo Comm has acquired a well-deserved reputation and has established itself as one of the largest trade shows in the area of telecommunications, information processing and the development of computer technology, reads the message. The results of the most advanced scientific research on display, the important exchange of innovative technologies and engineering innovations, the mutually beneficial contracts that are signed, and a wide variety of applications targeted to the needs of industry, business and the ordinary user all of these are prominent features of the event.

The field of mass communication is rightly considered one of the most important for modern technological progress, and an exhibition on such a scale contributes to the expansion of international cooperation and the implementation of promising developments for the economy.