Nanotron and Atmel will introduce Local positioning system. New services from EFO

02 / 03 / 2015

The EFO company works in the market of electronic components and supplies imported electronic components, accessories and software for wireless navigation devices.

EFO will present new GLONASS / GPS, GSM and 3G modules (Locosys and Neoway production). EFO will also introduce the equipment for the construction of local positioning companies Nanotron and Atmel.

Local Positioning Module swarm bee LE Germany Smart module for a system construction where each node monitors the distances to other nodes.
GSM-module M660 Taiwan Compact, reliable, easy to install and inexpensive GSM module.
Bluetooth-module BlueMod+SR NFC-enabled Germany Bluetooth LE module which can quickly establish a communication channel by a simple approximation of the two devices to each other.