Novelty of the year - digital tachograph EFAS NVS from Navis

02 / 03 / 2015

NAVIS is Russia's leading enterprise specializing in the development of a new technologies and production of wide range of navigation equipment which use GLONASS, GPS and GALILEO satellite navigation systems and augmentations.

The company will present:

1. High-precision GLONASS receiver / GPS / SBAS L1

NV08C-RTK is a completely finished multisystem high-precision navigation receiver. A key feature of the NV08C-RTK is providing navigation with centimeter accuracy using phase measurements of GLONASS and GPS signals. NV08C-RTK is designed for using as a part of the commercial efficiency of navigation equipment, providing high navigation accuracy, low power consumption, compact size and high performance.

Areas of application:

  • a system of parallel driving;
  • precision agriculture;
  • UAV and robotics;
  • surveying, 3D-mapping, aerial photography;
  • monitoring of engineering structures.

2. Novelty !!!

The date of entering the market is March 2015

The digital tachograph EFAS NVS

The digital EFAS NVS tachograph with CPS is designed for continuous, uncorrectable registration of speed and routing of vehicles, mode work and rest of drivers. EFAS NVS tachograph manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. from 13/02/13, the European quality.
Target audience: transport companies, entrepreneurs and legal entities related to passenger and freight transportation.

3. Protractor / Satellite compass CH-4724

Designed for automatic continuous determination of the signals of GLONASS satellite navigation systems, GPS azimuth true, trim, coordinates, altitude, and the issuance of these data to the consumer.

Areas of application:

  • construction;
  • sea and river transport;
  • aviation;
  • UAV;
  • applications in engineering instead of gyroscopes.