The EuroMobile company: equipment for road management solutions

08 / 04 / 2015

EuroMobile, one of the market leaders in monitoring of transport, will present a wide range of equipment for road management solutions.

The company's stand will present an entire set of equipment to solve the problems of control and management of moving objects:

  • GLONASS / GPS-modules Navia for the development and production of trackers, terminals and other navigation and tracking devices. This year the company Navia will introduce two new miniaturized energy efficient GLONASS module - KL-3333 and SL-3333, made on the basis of the latest generation chipset MediaTek MT3333.
  • GSM-modules Cinterion made for receiving and transmitting data over the cellular network. At our booth, we note especially the 3G-module EHS5, EHS6, made on the basis of the built-in Java-platform, allows to simultaneously run multiple applets.

In addition, the exhibition will present 2G-module BGS8, equipped with a built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver. The module has voice prompts, protection against jamming signal (jamming detection), and extended set of secure Internet services: TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP.

  • Traditionally, from finished goods the company will present new GLONASS / GPS-Trackers Teltonika: FM1120, FM1111, FM1010 (OBDII-interface), FM1100 with LV-CAN200.

Undoubtedly, you will attract by the GLONASS / GPS-tracker Novacom GNS-GLONASS v.5.0, which are ready to control the auxiliary heater of different manufacturers.

Category of video monitoring will be presented by the DVR Teswell. It is a professional surveillance equipment for the car park in real time. The main achievement of Teswell Technology is the 7 years on the market and 5 generations of digital (DVR) and network (NVR) DVRs that have earned the status of reliable solutions for video monitoring in the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK.

  • In cases where cellular coverage is not available and is particularly important for moving vehicles to stay on-line, we offer combined automotive satellite terminals, GSM / Iridium or GSM / Inmarsat:
    - Skywave IDP-782 (GSM / Inmarsat)

See you at the exhibition!