Drones flew in Expocentre pavilion

13 / 05 / 2016

Non-profit Partnership GLONASS organized serious quadcopter competitions within the week of high tech trade shows: Navitech 2016, Sviaz 2016 and STL. Systems for Transport and Logistics 2016.

Competitions of this kind are held in Russia for the first time. We hope they will run annually and lay the foundation for a chain of similar events, said GLONASS President Alexander Gurko.

The development of unmanned aircraft systems (UAC) is our strategic area, he remarked. That is why our aim is to provide necessary conditions for the UAC market by establishing legal and regulatory frameworks, creating service systems, applications, platforms, providers and suppliers of unmanned aerial vehicles and building up essential infrastructure.

Drones can be used in different areas: agriculture, construction, mapmaking, logistics, transportation, and many others. One of popular ways of using a drone is photo and video shooting. One more application of drones in our country is food delivery.

The legislation, that regulates commercial use of drones, is not yet drafted in Russia. From March, 30 a revised version of the Russian Air Code came into force. It stipulates application of drones, its registration and certification procedure (of all UAC whose take-off weight does not exceed 250 g.). But the procedure of drone certification and registration has not approved yet. That is why NP GLONASS decided to hold drone racing inside one of Expocentre pavilions. Consequently, the air space has not been used.

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